Donate Now

If you would like to support The acatterz Network, click on the one of the buttons below! All donations help keep the server alive!

Donor Perks

  • Colourful Glows! (/glow)
  • Trails (/trails)
  • Plot Merging (/plot merge)
  • Custom chat colour
  • Heads! (/heads)
  • Sit on stairs/slabs (/sit)
  • Coloured Signs

Super Donor Perks

  • All of the Donor Perks, plus:
  • Change Nickname (/nick)
  • Plot Music (/plot music)
  • Custom Wing Trail! (/trails)
  • Raining trails (/trails)
  • Rainbow glow (/glow)
  • Blinking glow (/glow)
There are two ways to donate, so review both options before you choose! Both sets of Donor Perks are available through each option, but your overall rewards and how quickly you get them will differ, so choose carefully!
Donating via Enjin will reward you with your Minecraft benefits in real time!
Donating via Patreon gives you a wider range of rewards outside the Minecraft server, however Minecraft benefits will take longer to process as they are done manually.
Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! Your donations keep the server online and help with making improvements